We offer a limited amount of these exquisite birds. Brad Legg 12016 North Stark Avenue . Kansas City MO 64167 US With their royal bearing and beautiful tail feathers, peafowl are like living art. Java Green Peafowl. Some common peafowl breeds were Indian Blue, Black Shoulder, Bufford Bronze, Charcoal, Cameo, Green Peafowl (Java Green), Opal, Oaten, Spalding, Purple, White, Pied etc. Pakistan #1 platform to Buy Parrots Online in Pakistan, Parrots for Sale, Sell Dog Online, online buy Parrots, Buy Parrots at low price, Online Vets, post free ads, check latest Parrots for adoption, sale and breeding, Parrots Breed Encyclopedia and Pets Blogs on Petsfactory.pk shoulder feathering green peacock shoulder feathering green peacock on the left, green peahen on the right. Some breeders even breed white Peacocks. The peacock tail ("train") is not the tail quill feathers but the highly elongated upper tail coverts. “However, some foreign species are too costly as they are sold at Rs1.5 million per bird,” he said. US refuses to provide Covid-19 vaccine to Pakistan citing local ... Bufford Bronze, Charcoal, Cameo, Green Peafowl (Java Green), Opal, Oaten, Spalding, Purple, White, Pied etc. What happens when one or two pair of peafowl is constantly inbred or every now and then the wrong green species was crossed? The male (peacock) Indian Peafowl has iridescent blue-green or green colored plumage. The facial skin includes a region of light blue and a bright yellow loral patch. Java Greens, We sell a limited number of these amazing birds. She is as lovely as the Green peacock, but lacking the long, colorful train. The "eyes" are best seen when the peacock fans its tail. Another peacock breeder named Muhammad Bashir informed that he had 75 birds out of which 50 are female while 25 are male birds. If you are wanting chicks from these birds, make sure to place your order early. Java Green Peafowl Pair Pavo muticus Java Green Peafowl are beautiful, and like all peafowl, they discourage bugs and snakes. The Java Green peahen is seen in the image on the right. Peacocks are actually the name for male Peafowl species related to Pheasants. Like a cupped hand behind the ear the erect tail-fan of the male helps direct sound to the ears. Java Green Peacocks and peahens have a similar appearance. The Java Green is the most vividly colored of the green subspecies. Notice the feathering on the shoulder of the # 4 peacock… black-blue ringed with blue. Male Peafowl are known for their colorful head ornaments and "trains" or tails. Location. Unlike the White, India Blue, and the Black-shouldered peafowl, the Java Green cannot be allowed to roam a farm or estate. most prices are between 75 and 150 … do not be impressed by the high prices… if they sold they wouldn’t be for sale. Home / Juvenile Birds / Juvenile Peafowl / Java Green Peafowl. The most common species in the India Blue Peahen, but there are also Green Peahens and hybrids or spaldings. Indo-Chinese Green (Muticus Imperator) These Indo-Chinese Green Peafowl are unique and beautiful birds. The male's crest is tall and tightly bundled. About the price of the peacocks, he said it ranges from Rs15,000 to Rs300,000. We do airport pickups… airport shipments, USPS shipments and free delivery. Female Peahens lack these feathers. We never feel free to turn ours loose. Please note that peafowl prices can start as low as 15.00 for chicks and go up….