A Ouija board will do what you put into it. I want to study at the Universidad de Guadalajara. Cryptique boards, too, but sometimes you connect to something. From what I’ve seen here, most of the evil is on the part of religious posters. When you use one, do you notice that the hand you had on the planchette was colder than your other hand was? Thanks. Favourite answer The OuiJa board was invented by the victorians as a parlour toy to amuse themselves. 1 decade ago. Cardboard and plastic put out by the same people who make Monopoly. but im just curious. Okay, so I've played ouija board before, and the more i thinl about it, the more I question it or get scared. My Uncle Had Done One Some Time In His Life. Join. But with Ouija boards, you'll mostly get gibberish. The ouija board is just a game that you can buy in most toy stores and department stores, an ordinary piece of wood or plastic or cardboard. Answer Save. Favorite Answers 0% Answers 1. I'm guessing she is supposedly supposed to be some sort of demon or something because she sometimes makes the "devil" talk to us. I used to be very … Then one night when we were all in bed, my mother was having her usual bedtime snack before turning in. Hail Satan and his Victory!!! At first it said it was Denny which is someone I knew who had died's nic name. Not everybody who uses a ouija board will have horrific experiences, if they even have any experiences at all. Do you think most or all Churches will be closed down in 2021 and outlawed!!! 8 answers. At the age of 12 I did it anyway. Why didn't GOD send NOAH'S ARK trough the OCEAN and LAND it in the TOP of MOUT MCKINLEY? Here are Amazon's best Black Friday deals It is the same as the spirit box. Where your hands move unconsciously, and you think it's something else. The use of an Ouija board can often just be a random diversion in which nothing happens. 1 decade ago. Could be. 1 decade ago. Relevance. With a ouija board. Also, are there any rules, like don't take your fingers off until it is on goodbye? To use the board, members … - It is ok to make your own board, it works just the same, perhaps even better because it would be filled with your own energy! … Answer Save. Interested?? Yes, I believe the Ouija board exist. . If you trust your friends enough, you will believe it really is a ghost. ... 2 Answers Investing1 year ago. It does not open any portals to the underworld or to anywhere else. I'm not sure about … Yahoo Products; Trending News. Without bothering to find out who they are, where they came from, what they want, why they're here, whether or not they're dangerous, whether or not they're psychologically stable, how long they're going to stay etc, it's like saying "come right on in".. and then people are surprised when it doesn't always go well. 5.What manners should I display at the start, middle, and end of the session? The ouija board is just a game that you can buy in most toy stores and department stores, an ordinary piece of wood or plastic or cardboard. Then look at their face and see if they look sincere, or are hiding a smirk! We used it twice, and it really worked. . host Alex Trebek, 80, dies after cancer battle. Favorite Answers 0% Answers 1. The people using them make them work. The ouija board is 'an open door' to oppression & possession by evil spirits. College releases autopsy results for student with COVID-19. Here are a couple of links that discuss ouija boards. Anyway, It Was Last Year When My Freind Invited Me Around To … Some people believe that Ouija boards can communicate with spirits. You can't use crude matter to contact the spiritual, they have transcended their crude matter and move on. Seriously, I think when you open your mind to things like that, it gives us a weak spot for evil to enter our lives and stay with us. Ever since then they have seen 4 ghosts there, even there skeptic father saw one and now is a beliver!!! . Ouija boards are not evil! Your subconscious is just playing on your personal feelings, which in the end makes the experience all the more real. You can sign in to vote the answer.