First and Second Earlies will give you “new potatoes” in the summer, Maincrops will give you tubers for eating in the autumn and enough to store over winter for later use. (In higher quantities, these alkaloids can cause digestive problems, and in very high quantities, they can cause more serious health problems, though these instances are rare.) They'll be ready for harvest in around ten weeks from planting. Potatoes are easy to grow, you just need a tub and some old chipped potatoes to plant. It's a good idea to chit these varieties before planting, allowing them to produce long shoots from which the plants will grow. The Osprey potato was bred from the Kestrel variety around ten years ago. Kestrel seed potatoes produce oval-shaped white potatoes with blue eyes. They arrived quickly and in excellent condition, with all the seed potatoes looking healthy and undamaged. Growing potatoes in your vegetable garden Potatoes are a year-round staple for many families around the world. ON ARRIVAL. Think the low yield was more to do with the prolonged drought and baking temperatures than anything else. Larger potatoes, ideal for baking and roasting. Bred in 1992 and an award winning variety, the Potato Kestrel makes great chips and roast potatoes on account of their soft flesh which is slow to absorb excess fat. Look out for these purple eyed beauties in store today. They also have striking blue and purple eyes which look beautiful against their creamy skin. tip: store potatoes in a well-ventilated dark cupboard for up to 2 weeks. Keep your potatoes in our temperature controlled cold store rather than struggling with them at home, and we'll deliver them on a week specified by you. HOW TO STORE Store potatoes in a cool, dry place away from light - the kitchen cupboard is ideal Storing Potatoes. Benefit from 'chitting' prior to planting. Store in a dark, cool, well ventilated spot. Avoid storing potatoes in direct contact with onions as this tends to make the potatoes rot. More info on Potato scab. First Early Potatoes Plant first early potatoes between the end of February and late May. You may have noticed that if you store a bag of potatoes for too long they start to sprout – chitting is making this happen on purpose! 11 May 2020 (Kestrel Seed Potatoes) : (5 / 5) Chitting well. Can be lifted and stored as maincrop if left to grow to full maturity. Pentland Javelin is a popular first early potato, late to mature, but worth the wait. I’m just writing to thank you for the order of these potatoes. Following is a list of first early potato varieties available from the featured seed … Growing potatoes in Australia is always best from certified seed potatoes if you wish to ensure a quality a good potato crop. Without doubt one of the best tasting seed potato varieties available. Here’s how: Boil the potatoes until soft all the way through, test with a skewer. To make your shopping hassle-free we have put together this handy guide to help you get great results every time. Storing potatoes correctly is one of the best ways to prevent early sprouting. This just means encouraging the potato grow a sprout. Harvest approximately 13 weeks from planting. with excellent cooking uses and disease resistance. Mashed potatoes, or those that are peeled, tend to be higher than those that are more waxy and boiled. General Comments For even cooking, choose potatoes that are similar in size. My favourite is 'Charlotte', which is a waxy potato, but 'Kestrel', 'Anya', ' Saxon', and the hard to find 'BF15' are all very good. Creamy mashed potatoes with butter and milk makes the perfect base for bangers and mash or meatballs. Seed Potatoes will be available to ... check out, select for a delayed delivery in February or March. Year of Breeding - 1992. Kestrels go well in salads and are tasty when boiled, steamed, mashed or baked. Small crops of potatoes can also be grown in large, deep containers, and this is a good way of getting an early batch of new potatoes. Cold, boiled potatoes have a lower GI as the starch forms resistant starch — a type of fibre we need more of — which lowers the GI ranking. There is a potato to suit almost everyone’s taste. Without doubt one of the best tasting potato varieties available. Kestrel Potato Seed. Potato Varieties - The Choice Is Yours - * Discover the huge variety of potatoes available to grow, * Select your favourite spud for growing, cooking, eating... * Get the most productive varieties for your garden soil, Many of you are amazed at discovering the vast range of potato varieties available to grow at home. Potatoes come in over a hundred varietals in all kinds of sizes, shapes, colors and flavors. The requested quantity for Kestrel Seed Potatoes 2kg is not available, but please call us if you need to order more - 045 879138 Only store perfect tubers, removing any showing signs of damage, and don’t wash them before storage. Kestrel. All light must be excluded to avoid potatoes turning green and poisonous. Kestrel are the potatoes that you should always grow. Don’t store any potatoes with scab. Ready to harvest in July, prepare in the kitchen for a fantastic side-dish of potato wedges for your summer barbecues. However, the sale of a prototype of true seeds is not expected before 2025. “High-quality seed potatoes will always remain necessary.” It is also very questionable whether botanical seeds will ever fully take over the role of seed potatoes. First, store them in the darkest area you can find. But different potatoes are actually better for different kinds of meals. Bursting with vitamins and minerals, containing absolutely no cholesterol and when served with their skins, are a great source of fibre. Potatoes are one of the most versatile natural foods that can be cooked in so many different ways, so to get great results you need to pick the right type of potato. Potatoes that fall into the ‘Second Early’ category include Nicola, Maris Peer, Jazzy, and Kestrel. They differ only in one way from first earlies — they mature about three weeks later. Rated as one of the best tasting varieties with excellent cooking uses and disease resistance. If you plan to store your potatoes, cut off the foliage and let the potatoes rest in the ground for 3-4 weeks to allow the skin to ‘set’, they keep longer this way. Would grow again though and hope for more favourable weather next year. Potatoes have a high GI ranking of 65-101 depending on the variety of potato and cooking method. Don’t store in plastic bags as this will cause them to sweat and deteriorate quickly. Bred by the great man himself, Jack Dunnett, this potato has taken the exhibition scene by storm because of its consistent size and colour. Whenever you receive your seed potatoes you should begin the process of ‘chitting’. Reviewed 3rd September 2018 by Sarah Their fluffy texture means they’re best suited to roasting, baking or chipping. First earlies will store in the ground for about 4 weeks after reaching maturity, and should be cooked as soon as possible after lifting, to get the fresh taste that only new potatoes will deliver. These seeds propagate more quickly than seed potatoes and are easy to transport and store. Potatoes grew really high and looked healthy but there were few potatoes when dug up despite me watering regularly. KESTREL Seed Potatoes. Kestrel Potatoes are an amazing nutrient dense food, low in calories and naturally low in fat. Use 'seed' potatoes from the local nursery or seed store and you can guarantee they will be virus free. Grow in bags, containers or in the ground. Fill the bottom 15cm (6in) of the container with potting compost and plant the seed potato just below this. ... Maincrop take up the most room in your garden but they are the best varieties to store for eating at a later date. Check crops in store regularly, removing any rotten ones. Anya seed potatoes produce pale-pink-skinned potatoes with a long shape. Order 24/7 at our online supermarket If you are using a screen reader to navigate the Woolworths website please select the “Accessibility On” switch in accessibility settings. Exceptional boilers, bakers or roasters, Kestrel potatoes are great all-rounders. Although you should periodically check your potatoes and remove any that have sprouted or are rotting, minimize light exposure. Kestrel seed potatoes have to be one of the best overall varieties in living memory. Green skin on potatoes is caused by exposure to light. Hessian or thick brown-paper sacks are available for the job. The edible part of a potato, the tuber, grows underground and is a part of the stem system. You need a cool, light, well-ventilated space to store your potatoes … Pick spuds that feel firm and heavy. HOW TO PICK Pick spuds that feel firm and heavy. Kestrel’s naturally have purple eyes, make sure you avoid those with sprouting eyes, or green discolouration. Anya potatoes are great for boiling or steaming, or using in salads, and they’re a favourite with top chefs! Significant problems often follow a wet growing season, particularly if … That's because normal store bought potatoes will usually be OK, but may possibly contain disease you don't want to put into your soil. Scab can be worse in dry weather, so keep potatoes well watered. This is generally not harmful in low amounts, though it can make the potatoes taste bitter. Potato rot: Potato tuber rots are a frequent cause of losses prior to, or after, lifting. Plant up from March to mid May. Small, new potatoes. Plant up from March to late May. As the new stems start … Maturity - Second Early. As for planting times, you can get them in the ground at the same time as first earlies but it’s better to wait. Check out potato kestrel each at Green potato skin may be caused when a potato is stored on the kitchen counter or window sill, or even when the potato is grown too close to the soil surface, hence the recommendation to grow potatoes in a mound and store harvested potatoes in a completely cool, dark area. Kestrel seed potatoes have to be one of the best overall varieties in living memory. Second, keep the temperature between 40°F and 50°F (4 and 10°C). Maincrop Potatoes. with excellent cooking uses and disease resistance. King Edward. We always buy potatoes, because you can make so many different meals out of them. Kids can easily grow them and love to watch them grow. This is best done in a frost-free sunny area. Second Early Potatoes. The Charlottes have started to show above ground and are being banked up. You can buy your seed potatoes and start chitting them from February – about 6 weeks before planting. Editor: Green-tinged potatoes are usually a result of exposure to light, which increases alkaloid levels. But you would eat potatoes and other vegetables. Be careful with the milk so that the mash isn’t too runny. Resources. Bred by the great man himself, Jack Dunnett, this potato has taken the exhibition scene by storm because of its consistent size and colour. A floury potato with white skin and pink eyes. When launched Kestrel took the exhibition scene by storm because of its consistent size and colour. Mash the potatoes with a potato masher, add a knob of butter and pour in some milk.