In 2012 SA Chefs was recognized as the Professional Body Status by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) and has been acknowledged throughout the hospitality industry as the authority on quality and education within the culinary field. It shortlists suitable candidates and invites them for interviews. Read this article to find your way around the industry with ease. It can lead to such issues as discrimination in criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, political power, and education, among other issues.., About IP3 IFIP, the International Federation for Information Processing, is the global professional federation of societies and associations for people working in Information and Communications Technologies and Sciences. This includes any of the following: Debtors clerk, Creditor clerk, Financial controller, Financial manager, and Financial accountant. About IITPSA It is further mandated to establish a set of professional teaching standards for South African teachers. South Africa’s many statutory and non-statutory professional bodies and councils have their own comprehensive set of requirements and criteria that foreign applicants have to meet. Institutional racism, also known as systemic racism, is a form of racism that is embedded as normal practice within society or an organization. Professional tax bodies so recognised include: SAIT is the largest professional tax body and boast a membership of more than 10 000 tax practitioners. Nigerian Bar Association Professional accounting bodies have the statutory right to set admission criteria, rules of conduct and continued education requirements that must be met before a person is deemed qualified. As SROs the bodies are required to set admission criteria, CPD requirements, discipline members, be financially viable and commit to the development of the profession. With a proudly South African history dating back to 1957, IITPSA (Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa), formerly Computer Society South Africa (CSSA), is a South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognised professional body providing a National Qualifications Framework (NQF) registered professional designation (PMIITPSA). Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The Institute was accredited by SAQA as the Professional Body for IT in South Africa in 2012, so it is now accredited at both local and international levels. General - Computer Society South Africa ( Our primary focus continues to be Professionalism amongst our members. No department of labor recommendation so quicker turnaround times. The team recommended to the IP3 board that IITPSA be awarded full accreditation for a period of five years and approval was given. Website: Its function is to select fit and proper persons for appointment as judges and to investigate complaints about judicial officers. Legal - RSM South Africa RSM South Africa is a member of the RSM network and trades as RSM. It also brings together more than 3,500 scientists from industry and academia, organising them into over 100 Working Groups and 13 Technical Committees to conduct research, develop standards and promote information sharing. The role of BEPCs in South Africa cannot be different to the role of BEPCs in the rest of the world simply because South Africa’s history or society is different. This brings the total number of recognised professional bodies to 76 and registered professional designations to 270 since recognition started in … Professional bodi… There are IRBA draws attention to the Key Audit Matters in auditor’s reports as it relates to COVID-19, South Africa’s Proposed Covid-19 Disaster Management Tax Relief, VAT Exemption and Duties Rebate for Essential Goods: Covid-19 National Disaster, Southern African Institute for Business Accountants (SAIBA), South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Institute of Accounting and Commerce (IAC), South African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA), Institute of Chartered Secretaries of South Africa (ICSA), South African Institute of Tax Practitioners (SAIT). IITPSA is the only South African professional body that is recognised by SAQA. All activities must comply with any policies, procedures and requirements of the organisations involved, the ethical codes of relevant professional bodies and any relevant legislative and/ or regulatory requirements. Call, email, SMS, get directions or visit their website. At our strategy planning session in January 2008, we agreed on the following vision: “Within the next five years the CSSA will be recognised as the accredited professional body for the IT / ICT industry” The LSSA is the umbrella body of the attorneys’ profession in South Africa. Institute of Chartered Secretaries of South Africa (ICSA) As government has given regulatory responsibility to these organisations, they in effect act as Self-Regulating Organisations (SRO). across a broad spectrum (from informal to formal) in the sample of recognised professional bodies. Tel: +27 (0) 41 504 1111. A candidate must submit to the most rigorous vetting process in the profession that includes work history and experience, ethics, and submission of in-depth portfolios covering ICT competencies and responsibility levels. The professional accounting bodies so licenced include: As government has given regulatory responsibility to these organisations, they in effect act as Self-Regulating Organisations (SRO). endorses ongoing professional development initiatives. Different interpretations of what CPD is and how it could be implemented raised four sets of questions: 3.1.What is the extent of differentiation in CPD models and practices as implemented by recognised professional bodies in South Africa? Established under the auspices of UNESCO in 1960 and recognised by the United Nations, IFIP represents ICT professional associations from more than 50 countries and regions with a total membership of over half a million. Is based on a well-researched list of occupations that are badly needed in South Africa, increasing your chances of finding a job. Includes links to other South African law sites. Moira de Roche, Director, Marketing:, For more information on IFIP, contact: The Tax Administration Act 28 of 2011 (TAA) requires that such persons be registered with a controlling body. Find a list of Government Statutory Bodies in South Africa instantly on Taiwan Liaison Office in the Republic of South Africa. This helps the Institute to further its stated mission: “We lead the ICT Professional Community in South Africa, promoting professional … One of the assessors, Stephen Seidman (USA) said “We are very impressed with the quality of the processes and procedures at IITPSA.”. FindIt@Mandela . Comprehensive searchable database of the Martindale Hubbell Law Directory which provides listings of 900,000 lawyers and law firms around the world. SAICA members can use the CA(SA) designation. The use and role of IT is changing at a significant pace and society should have peace of mind that practitioners are skilled and prescribe to a code of practice and ethics. Nigerian Bar Association Law Society of South Africa (LSSA), Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA), and Institute for Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants (ICBA). The IOBSA as a Professional Body In terms of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) Policy & Criteria for Recognising a Professional Body and Registering a Professional Designation for the Purposes of the National Qualifications Framework Act, Act 67 of 2008, a body applying to be recognised as a professional body by SAQA shall: Be… It is a founding member of the Global Alliance for Public Relations & Communication Management and initiated the formation of the Council for Communication Management (CCM) in South Africa. The South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) is a Professional Accounting Organisation committed to serving and protecting the public interest. Law Society of South Africa. Performance of all elements complies with the laws of South Africa, especially with regard to copyright, privacy, health and safety, and consumer rights. Includes links to other South African law sites. The ITC-SA as a Professional Body, has the authority to confer a professional designation on an individual in the form of a title, status and/or registration number. The BAP (SA) designation is for persons providing accounting work to the public for a fee and is ideal for accounting officers and independent reviewers. Twitter: By Gizelle McIntyre, director of The Institute of People Development. Schofield added that his dual role meant that he had to stand back from the accreditation assessment by the international panel, but he had every confidence that IITPSA would measure up to the criteria for accreditation of its professional membership scheme. NAPTOSA. No restrictions in terms of the numbers in each listed occupation. The PMIITPSA designation is awarded to those select ICT Professionals who have met global standards for competence, ethics, and experience. National Professional Teachers' Organisation of South Africa << Previous: Wits e-Resources; Next: Need Help ? UN Women. Port Elizabeth, 6031, South Africa IITPSA was visited by a team of international IP3 assessors in July. Professional Bodies SADTU. The aim of this professional body is to promote project management best practice and to … Independent Schools Association of South Africa. Being recognised internationally is of great importance to us and our members because of the acknowledgement that we conform to global standards. South African Democratic Teachers Association. Each member of the RSM network is an independent accounting and advisory firm each of which practices in its own right. The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), is a professional accountancy body in South Africa.. As of August 2013, the institute has over 36 000 members., Copyright 2015 ifip | All Rights Reserved | Powered by,–international-federation-for-information-processing, Australian Human Rights Commission Calls for Guardrails Around AI Systems, IFIP Internet of Things Virtual Conference 2020, IFIP Adopts New Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, BCS Calls for an Informed Debate in Wake of Huawei 5G Ban, ICS Re-Elects Mike Hinchey as President, Appoints Mary Cleary as Secretary-General, New ICS Report Highlights Weaknesses in Cyber Resilience at Board Level, CIOs the Catalysts of Change for a Digital World. We provide you with the latest breaking news straight from the accounting and finance industry. Professional self-regulation under law is differentiated from other forms of self-regulation by the fact that it is compulsory and is enforced through law under the authority of the state. It also advises government on any matters relating to the judiciary or to the administration of justice. When appointments have to be made, the JSC publishes a notice giving details of the vacancies that exist and calls for nominations. The Institute is established to represent, promote and elevate the arts, science and general knowledge of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in South Africa, and, in particular, to advance and represent the interests, development and professionalism of all those employed in the ICT industry whilst endeavouring to protect the public through member-based ethical and professional standards and use of Information and Communications Technologies. Your go-to source for weekly updates on accounting and financial news. Controlling bodies are professional tax bodies that have met the admission requirements in terms of the TAA. Our mission is to establish a global partnership that will strengthen the IT profession and contribute to the development of strong international economies by: defining international standards of professionalism in IT; creating an infrastructure that will encourage and support the development of both IT practitioners and employer organizations, and give recognition to those who meet and maintain the required standards for knowledge, experience, competence and integrity. Work@Mandela. 1. ISASA. ICBA – Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants (qualified members) has been left out as professional accounting body or were the qualified members lumped together with the students under the ICB umbrella. We regulate the coaching and mentoring professions in South Africa through a professional code of ethics and conduct, professional designations, ongoing continuing professional development, professional supervision and access to … Address: SAICE House, Block 19, Thornhill Office Park, Bekker Street, Vorna Valley X21, Midrand Contact Number: (011) 805-5947 Operating Hours: 8am - 16:30 In recent years completing tax returns and giving tax advice for a fee has become subject to regulation. The International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3), a project of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), and is leading the development of the global IT profession by providing a platform that will help shape and implement relevant policies to foster professionalism in IT worldwide. The South African Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is a recognised South African professional body, representing and governing fraud examination professionals in South Africa. Comprehensive searchable database of the Martindale Hubbell Law Directory which provides listings of 900,000 lawyers and law firms around the world. LinkedIn:–international-federation-for-information-processing, For more information on IP3 and IITPSA, contact: The same professional designations cannot be registered by more than one recognised professional body in South Africa. Recently, the Integrated Strategic Planning Framework for Teacher Education and Development in South Africa 2011–2025 (DBE and DHET 2011) presented a strategy to improve the Libraries. Email: PO Box 77000, Nelson Mandela University. Location: David road Scottburgh | | South Africa Tel: +27(0)0399760094 Mobile: +27(0)0798508394 The South African Institution Of Civil Engineering Visit our website to view the benefits of becoming a member. COMENSA is the SAQA-recognised non-statutory professional body for coaching and mentoring in South Africa. About IFIP Shuba Paheerathan:, Shuba Paheerathan For information regarding COVID-19 in South Africa, please visit Ever wondered what the Accounting Regulatory Sector looks like? Fax: +27 (0) 41 504 2574 / 2731. The JSC was established in terms of Section 178 of the Constitution. SAOU. Deals with the professional bodies specific to the occupation. South African Nursing Council) are established as a result of an Act of Parliament and govern the practice of specific occupations in South Africa. This has turned what should be a simple task into a tiered, process-driven exercise – and inevitably this exercise now takes much longer than anticipated. Is it a good idea to start a business in a recession? Earning the PMIITPSA designation is no trivial matter. We represent qualified Professional Accountants (SA) in practice, commerce and industry, academia and the public sector and are committed to putting our members interests at the heart of all we do. The following table provides a comparison of the professional accounting bodies: The BA (SA) designation is a home for anyone that works in or with the accounting department. This helps the Institute to further its stated mission: “We lead the ICT Professional Community in South Africa, promoting professional development and best practice.”, Tony Parry, CEO of IITPSA, noted, “The Institute is delighted to receive this International Accreditation from IP3 as it adds to the professional standing of our South African ICT professionals and underpins the IITPSA’s focus on continued growth and improvement of ICT professionalism in the country.”, Ulandi Exner, IITPSA President added, “IT Professionalism is an important goal for any serious IT practitioner both on a professional and personal level. SAICA provides support, advice and services to its CAs throughout their professional lives.SAICA members are business advisors, business leaders and entrepreneurs. For this reason, employers in the ICT industry should seek to employ IITPSA Professional members for senior positions and encourage all their staff to become IITPSA members with an end goal of achieving PMIITPSA. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. IRBA expresses disappointment at soft sanction against Deloitte auditor, Saiba makes recommendations to Namibia’s draft Accountants and Auditors Bill, Accounting is being drawn into a new future, Namibia leads SA in regulating the accounting and audit professions, Tax Ombud secures R116m for top 10 tax refund complaints, Tax Ombud holding Sars to account for actions of questionable legality, Sars to crack down on tax avoidance schemes, Budget review: Plans to rescue the economy, Tito’s budget and what it means for accountants, From civil engineering to Saiba – Penly Matjila finds her true calling in life, ‘It is never too late to pursue your goals’- Sarah Maodi, Saiba’s personal portfolio consultant, Expanding your accounting services and increasing your revenue, Shifting your accounting functions online is better for your business, Why it is important to transform your practice, Now virtually all businesses are under threat from ransomware. I am thrilled that IITPSA has received accreditation from IP3.”. IITPSA Reaches Important Milestone for the IT Professional. Suid Afrikaanse Onderwys Unie. The Institute was accredited by SAQA as the Professional Body for IT in South Africa in 2012, so it is now accredited at both local and international levels. The Compliance Institute Southern Africa is the recognised, independent professional body for the compliance profession and sets, maintains and promotes best practice standards for the compliance profession by facilitating professional development and accreditation for its members. Based in Austria, IFIP organises and supports over 100 conferences each year, fostering the distribution of research and knowledge to academics and industry practitioners alike. Whilst both academic qualifications and professional qualifications are recognised and controlled by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and both are indicative of a certain level of achievement, the levels of recognition of these forms of qualification are not always on par. United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) - Branch Office of South Africa . The Council is the coordinating body representing various groupings of professionals in South Africa. Law Society of South Africa. This professional designation indicates registration of the individual with the ITC-SA, and the right to practice in the particular field of expertise governed by the ITC-SA. A professional designation can be revoked in terms of the rules, legislation and/or international conventions of the recognised professional body with which it is associated. “I am proud of the team at IITPSA who have achieved this endorsement of their efforts to show the Institute’s right to stand alongside their peers in the global community of IT practitioners,” said Adrian Schofield, who is a Vice President of IITPSA and also serves as Vice Chair of IP3, responsible for Standards and Accreditation. RSM is the trading name used by the members of the RSM network. Caroline New: Voluntary (or non-statutory) bodies normally act as “create an enabling environment for professional development in a discipline, and growing the maturity of that discipline by 3. We expect this from many other professions such as those in healthcare, law and accounting and we need to build a structure in order to promote IT professionalism.