Comfrey This is a very powerful healing herb. The plant has a calming effect on rabbits Comfrey is a good source of vitamin A and good for pregnant and nursing does. ( Log Out /  This also helps to worm them and along with raw pumpkin seeds this mix should clean out your rabbits. We won't risk the well being of your pet offering sugary treats or a herbal compound that is not recommended for internal use by AHPA. One … Grapefruit Seed Extract- 5 to 10 drops GSE to 1 gallon water 2 times a year for 2 weeks as a preventive wormer ( You can also use this when you get a new rabbit while the rabbit is in quarantine “just in case”). It supports the immune system, good for the stomach, feed as a general tonic. Providing rabbits with a range of herbs and greens that they can choose to eat, or refuse, gives them the opportunity to balance their own diet according to their natural instincts. On the other hand, if a rabbit is exhibiting watery stools rather than merely soft, a stronger medicine may be needed. All these are useful plants for a food source as well as a medicinal. Use the juice for inflammations, sores, and wounds. Also wonderful cure for digestive ailments including diarrhea, infertility in bucks, fevers. Natural remedies work great for small ailments. You can also use as a compress and as a wipe for the eye. We know that rabbits should have a diet of at least 80% grass hay, but what about the other 20-ish%? Use sparingly. Scullcap and chamomile act as mild sedatives, they promote restful sleep and especially helpful in cases of digestive upset that arises from nervousness. Do not give any form of mint to young babies. ROSEMARY – Lowers blood pressure, Ideal for exhaustion, weakness, and depression in rabbits. ( Log Out /  This is its effects working too hard and if left unnoticed, the rabbit may dehydrate. Anti-inflammatory with anti-viral properties. GARLIC – Immunize against disease, antiseptic, antibiotic, bloating and gas, wormer, respiratory expectorant. I have seen the effects for treating GI problems, Nest box eye, Diarrhea, ear mites, etc. PREGENCY TONIC- Combine the following- dried, raspberry leaf, nettle, and goats rue (Galega officinale) in equal parts, and half part Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum). ECHINACEA -Immune system stimulant and broad spectrum antibiotic. Worming and anti-parasitic treatments are recommended as rabbits can also become infected with worms, fleas, lice and mites. Change ). Good for gastric inflammations. Just make a cup of tea, a little stronger than you’d drink it and add a teaspoon of honey. Noses and eyes should be clear and free of discharge. PLANTAIN – antimicrobial, antispasmodic, healing of cuts, respiratory expectorant, fevers. LICORICE – Good for gastric inflammation and coughs. Always pet your rabbit from above and try not to put your hand down over its nose. COMFREY – Healing, bone formation, ill rabbits, stressed and weak rabbits, if you have a rabbit off feed try a few leaves of comfrey this is one of my favorite herb tonic for rabbits! Home | Contact Info & About Us | Secure Shopping | Natural Diet | Happy Fuzzies, Healthy Treats for Rabbits, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs | Hay | Fleece Cage Accessories | Syringe Feed | Natural Remedies, Organic Broad Spectrum Supplement You can also get the capsules at heath food stores add 4 capsules of the echinacea to one gallon of water and boil and cool store in fridge and add 1/4 herb water to 3/4 water and fill water bottles, crocks, ect, ELDER FLOWER – Respiratory expectorant, fevers, EUCALYPTUS – Dried and powdered, and sprinkled repel fleas, FENNEL – Bloating, gas, milk flow of nursing does. These herbs help ease kindling, offer nutrition and support lactation. Basil Leaves can be rubbed on insect bites to reduce itching and inflammation. NETTLES – Increases milk flow in nursing does. Use with caution. Bunnies can rarely resist a piece of fruit or a slice of carrot. In extreme doses, comfrey can cause diarrhea. Food for rabbits Herbal Pets Food for Rabbits Herbs and Vegetables packaging sizes. It can be used if doe has a hard time birthing or kit gets stuck. Try to avoid jerking your rabbit around as much as possible. Broadleaf plaintain (Plantago major) In extreme doses, comfrey can cause diarrhea. The bitter milky sap stimulates the working of all glands, including the milk glands of lactating does. MINT – Firms loose stools, decreases the milk flow of does during weaning, Good herb for treating mastitis. Stand quietly or listen carefully while you do your chores. The rabbits love them, You can get the tablets at most health food stores. Don't do it too often to avoid obesity. Heart Problems Great as a safe introduction of young kits to greens, works great for diarrhea. Do not give while pregnant, wait until doe is due. microbial, fungal, and with antibiotic properties. over their food, once a day. You can feed the fresh flowers or dried herbs. Dandelion root tea in the water with cranberry treats several time a week will help with any problems.The cranberry prevents bacteria from attaching to the wall of the bladder so it get washed out with the urine. Chamomile is a completely safe herb for rabbits to eat. CHAMOMILE - Pain relief, calm nervous rabbit, eye wash for weepy eye; CHICKWEED – Anti-inflammatory, healing of cuts, molt; CLEAVERS – healing of cuts, laxative; COLTSFOOT – respiratory expectorant; COMFREY - healing, bone formation, ill bunnies, stressed and … Most of these have been used by farmers on their rabbits. The special Pet Remedy blend of essential oils is valerian based and works alongside these natural relaxation pathways to help calm the nerves of anxious or stressed pets. HEALTH BENEFITS OF “POWDERED” PAWPAW SEEDS. Sage - … More on crossing rabbits to come! When I got my little mosaic boy Jasper he was not in very good condition. We started giving him the remedy about 3 weeks after he came home and from that day on he hasn't taken one nibble out of his fur and there was a complete turnaround in his demeanor. As the rabbit is getting better, reduce the amount of shepherds purse and then stop but feed the greens listed above and grass hay for another day or two. I have never seen a rabbit die from good sanitation practices. Calendula Used for burns, sores, antiseptic, bruises, slowly healing wounds, ulcers, skin diseases and digestive problems. This will also save you lots of time treating when prevention or cure is simple. Food for Rabbits Herbs and Vegetables 150 g; Nutrition advice. I regularly run grapefruit seed extract through their water at least 2 times a year with a few raw pumpkin seeds on top of their food and have never had a problem with coccidiosis. Organic Flower and Berry Treat, Organic Hawthorn Berries I make a mix of mineral oil with a few drops of apple cider vinegar, 5 or 6 drops of camphor oil and rosemary oil in the store bought mineral oil container and use a few drops in each ear as a preventive when I trim the rabbits nails. We found a great food list for you to keep on hand the next time you want to add something extra to their diet! MARIGOLD – Bruises, slowly healing wounds, ulcers, skin diseases, digestive problems, MARJORIM – Coughs, inflammation of mouth, throat. Check out our herbs for rabbits selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our pet supplies shops. Safe as food for dry does and bucks DO NOT FEED to lactitating does. If you want to hold the rabbit, move slowly and be sure to support its back legs and spine. sanitation Keep cages clean, wire brush any dropping that get stuck and clean cages thoroughly between litters. Mint is a staple herb at the grocery store and can also be fed dried sprinkled on some wet romaine lettuce. This is mainly because of breeders trying to perfect a breed, in most cases the breeders do not take into consideration health risks, and inbreeding, to achieve the perfect rabbit. When used with common sense, Comfrey is one of the best herbs for rabbits. Now that you know what the best essential oils for rabbits are, here are some great ways you can safely use them to take care of your rabbits: For bad odor – Diffuse lavender essential oil. It only takes a few minutes longer doing your chores to check your rabbits daily for illness. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The flowers are actually a mild tranquilizer, acting upon the heart in easing blood pressure rather than acting upon the brain as an anti-stimulant. per day at feeding time, to pregnant Does beginning one week before kindling through the first month. Herbs for stress help you face emotionally distressing situations with a bit more ease. Plantain does not cause digestive problems. Useful winter food, easily gathered and stored. We always have had healthy rabbits. Rabbits can eat chamomile both fresh and dried, and it is often a very yummy treat for rabbits. Harvest before and during flowering in summer discard the woody stems. Stick to seeds purchased as feed or ones you have harvested yourself. … Expels worms. Echinacea is a great preventive herb to use for your rabbits. The rabbit will shake out the nasty stuff after a few treatments. Happy Rabbits and Friends De webwinkel voor jouw konijn(en) en knaagdier(en)! For baths – Add 2 drops of lavender to 2 tablespoons of sulfate-free rabbit shampoo.