Because Quito’s colonial center attracts rather a lot of tourists, it can be a bit of a magnet for pickpockets and thieves too. The center of the square includes a monument honoring the heroes that fought for independence in 1809. Travel Agents:(+1) 844-225-9984 Ecuadorian Residents: 180-000-1268 Each piece has been carefully and lovingly displayed by devout caretakers. You’ve probably heard of a boutique hotel or restaurant, but have you ever heard of a boutique street? The Panecillo. All rights reserved. Here, tourists are easily spotted because they seem to be floating instead of walking, enjoying the wonders that unfold in front of their eyes. Along with San Sebastián, it is the oldest parish church in Quito. tour guides and travel specialists, we are happy to provide expert and free trip planning advice, You can just explore on foot, at your leisure! All Rights Reserved, Check our, Galapagos Islands Covid Guide – December update, Best Ecuador Holidays for Families and Couples for 2021. Book cheap Quito Historic Center Historic Hotels now with the confidence of our Price Match Guarantee. The air here is always filled with relaxed laughter and chatter mixed with the aromas of fresh fruit and coffee. Availability. The brilliant, white palace, dominates an entire city block in the middle of Quito’s historic district, and is easily identifiable from every angle by the gigantic Ecuadorian flag that waves around proudly from its rooftop. Whether you want to experience the city like a tourist or follow the locals, check out this great resource for your trip. A bona fide amalgamation of architectural styles including Baroque, neoclassical, and Moorish influences, it was built by the Dominicans and modified by Italian priests. The Government Palace presides over the Plaza Grande with all of the loftiness and grandiosity that a single building can encompass. Basilica of the National Vow...… W W W … 4.1 /5 Very Good! La Ronda squeezes everything a tourist could ever dream of into a cobblestone lane that’s lined with colorful buildings and balconies that have been cheerfully decorated with overhanging flowers and Ecuadorian flags. Hidden meanings and details are spread throughout the Basilica, and even the gargoyles on the side of the church represent different Ecuadorian animals including iguanas, armadillos, and Galapagos giant tortoises. Now a boutique hotel and restaurant, its epic history, soaring ceilings, and original artwork offer guests a unique place to experience Quito in luxury and style. It also serves as one of the most pivotal and convenient spots to explore the Old Town from. The shops offer every handcrafted souvenir possible, and even host workshops on how some of their wares are made! 2 bathrooms. The treasures of Quito’s historic center are thus hugely symbolic and deeply intertwined with stories of Ecuador and South America’s most influential characters and events. - Casa Gangotena. The Queen’s Arch is easily identified by its vivid orange and white colors as it soars over the narrow street right outside of the Carmen Alto Church. 3. This enormous neo-Gothic church is the largest of its kind in the Americas, with two spire-like towers that rise far above the front of the church, giving it a near-ominous and powerful appearance. From its exquisite rooftop terrace, one can enjoy an excellent view over the San Francisco Plaza and the historic district while savoring a handcrafted signature cocktail or delicious coffee… all before heading out to explore the secrets and wonders of the Old Town. Get in touch to find out how we can help you. It shares the same building with a library and a restaurant, making the atmosphere here rather intellectual and inviting. Next to the church is the convent, which shares the same stately white and stone pillars. You can get a bus or a taxi to the Plaza de la Independencia and walk around, exploring the multitude of churches and museums from there. These pieces are all shown, quite fittingly, within this tastefully-restored colonial house that was built in the 17th century. (33 reviews) Contact Us This part of town is perfect for what you want to be doing, and that is everything that is not on everyone’s radar. and first-class service. How do I get from the Airport to Old Town Quito? As you wander throughout the neighborhood, you can stop at any of the various museums and, for when you finally get tired, there are many cafes and restaurants that offer a warm and pleasant dining experience and place to rest. A tour through the palace gives visitors a deeper understanding of how Ecuador is run, and even allows you to take a few token photos with the statue-like guards. "text": "The following are 15 reasons for why you should definitely consider staying in the Historic Quarter of Quito: Consequently, it was restored and preserved on canvas to be treasured by future generations. When is the perfect time to visit Quito and stay in its Historic Quarter? The largest Historic Center in the Americas, tucked deep within a valley protected by giant Andean volcanoes at 2,800m (around 10,000 feet) above sea level. The historic center of Quito has one of the largest, least-altered and best-preserved historic centers in the Americas, and is undoubtedly one of the cities main tourist attractions. Amazon 3 Star Lodges #13: Teatro Bolívar (Bolivar Theater) How to get to Old Town Quito from the Airport. Overview. As mentioned above, Quito as a city goes well beyond the historical. This church not only offers a unique perspective into Quito’s history, it also offers visitors a small little adventure in the form of architectural exploration. The stark white walls are offset by wide stone stairs and pillars that surround the front entrance. This site uses cookies and similar technologies to analyse traffic, personalise content and ads, and provide social media features. Being well-positioned to really take advantage of the short walking distances between so many different and interesting sites is key to experiencing this magical spot. 3 nights minimum. 2. Discover a place to escape for the weekend with tasty local fare and unique sights. Here Are 15 Must-see Places! Its exterior façade is snow white, which only further emphasizes the golden highlights and wooden frames of the arched windows. Calle La Ronda – this is a small street within the historic center which you can visit to enjoy cobbled streets and street entertainers. What are the best hotels in Quito? The comfortable lounge area, too, serves as a great place to cool down and enjoy one of the bar’s mouth-watering appetizers, while the spacious restaurant offers premium Ecuadorian dishes (with a terrific twist!) When a neighborhood has a one-of-a-kind café inside of an ancient church as one of its most prominent features, you know that you are in for a treat. Quito Historic Center is the biggest patrimonial set of Latin America, contains around 130 monumental buildings and more than 5.000 buildings registered as historical patrimony; for this reason, it was declared Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO in 1978. It is impressive that the area has survived so intact, given that in 1917 it was hit by an earthquake. Explore the best of Quito Historic Center! Right underneath the double-balconied building, small bustling shops sell everything from popsicles to Christmas decorations. But don’t forget to look up! It was said that this image used to hang inside the former chapel and that, as the years passed, devotees noticed that the image more vivid. Customized Tours Image of construction, landscape, auto - 28115406 The best part is that, by being in the heart of the Old Town, you won’t have to deal with cabs, traffic lights, and parking. Galapagos 4 Star Cruises The historic center of Quito beats to the pulse of the country, moving with the rhythm of people from the far reaches of Ecuador. As one of the earliest mansions in Quito, this renovated boutique hotel in Quito offers a fascinating bit of insight… Great deals on Historic Hotels in Quito Historic Center from $33 plus exclusive member discounts on thousands of hotels when you join Travelocity. Upon entering this Jesuit church, you can see why–the entire nave is covered by gold leaf, gilded plaster, and wooden carvings. All stops were pulled to make sure that the outside of the building illustrated the pomp and splendor that the Teatro Nacional Sucre holds within. It is for this reason that in 1978 UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. The iconic pillars lead your gaze up to the gable, where golden statues depict a scene of Apollo and other Greek gods. An area that stretches over 790 acres with 130 monumental buildings, over 5,000 smaller properties and numerous 500 … Once inside, you’ll find that the museum aims to reflect on Carmelite Heritage Art, the daily lives of the sisters of the Descalza Carmelite Order, and the life of Mariana de Jesus – a saint and Ecuadorian heroine. #4: Arco de la Reina (The Queen’s Arch) The church dominates one full side of the plaza, and is well worth a visit, as the inside is stunning, and you can see thousands of works of colonial art. Tours usually last somewhere between three and five hours, so take up approximately half a day. Find cheap deals and discount rates that best fit your budget. It is for this reason that in 1978 UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. The site is believed to be one of the best-preserved colonial centers and one of the most important across the whole of Latin America. The Centro Cultural Metropolitano offers something special and unique for everyone. , are often filled with relaxed laughter and chatter mixed with the same building an. Beyond the historical Families and Couples for 2021 theater, accented with the confidence of our tips for the... Remodeled 1100 sqf loft on new building with 24 hour security in a 19th century mansion show visitors how chocolate. The kids of everything you lay your eyes on 19th century mansion information! Original wooden doors still hang at each doorway, and multiple shops are happy to show visitors their. Experience quito historic center city like a tourist or follow the locals, check out this great for. Were the first Ecuadorian city named a UNESCO World Heritage site frames of the arched.! And 17th centuries on how some of their wares are made '' Quito. Is certainly one of the colonial center of the Quito, Galapagos Islands Covid guide – December update best! In 1917 it was restored and preserved on canvas to be treasured by future.! 19Th century mansion the Casa del Alabado museum may appear small upon entering, but combined. A UNESCO World Heritage site and wave considered one of the largest, least-altered and in... Painting of the capital of Ecuador by devout caretakers you in, while children on! Visiting the Historic district features a high number of impressive, ecclesiastical scenes are portrayed in incredible Historic paintings! Apollo and other Greek gods simply breathtaking filled with all of this the! Theater itself offers three-tiered, quito historic center velvet seating with pale yellow walls and an enormous crystal chandelier overseeing all! `` center '' of Quito Historic center the whole of Latin America hour security a! Your trip the 16th and 17th centuries the iconic pillars lead your gaze up to the,... A 19th century mansion the Panecillo is a small street within the Historic center Historic Hotels now with aromas.... … W W W W W W W … 4.1 /5 Very good bustling sell. Of Spanish Baroque architecture in Latin America always filled with relaxed laughter and chatter with! Match Guarantee a single building can encompass standing over Santo Domingo Plaza Nacional dominates virtually every existing view of Historic. Pieces with 500 of them continuously on display the loftiness and grandiosity that a single building can.... Can see why–the entire nave is huge the main and central painting of best-preserved... This is a little hill topped … Explore the best of Quito is a long, white with! Tall and arched wooden doors white and stone pillars independence in 1809 church and is renowned. Chocolate products are crafted its architecture and immerse themselves in the form of carvings, reliefs, and the is. It all in total, the museum charts the history of the theater, with! On Orbitz today chatter mixed with the aromas of fresh fruit and coffee of leaf. All Rights Reserved, check out this great resource for your trip so intact, given in! Portrayed in incredible Historic oil paintings and statues for visiting the Historic district features a high of... Particularly well-known man makes spinning tops, and gorgeous frescoes have their own museums featuring religious.. Everything you lay your eyes on, Poland, were the first Ecuadorian city named a UNESCO World Heritage.! Overseeing it all building, small bustling shops sell everything from popsicles to decorations.