Biography . While there are now hundreds of various types, one above all has secured the closest thing to immortality that a tool can. The Phillips screw drive was created by John P. Thompson, who after failing to interest manufacturers, sold his design to businessman Henry F. To join, head over to YouTube and check out the show’s live chat – we’ll post the link there. While Thompson may not have been able to get much success out of the design, Phillips quickly founded a screw company, named after himself, and began patenting an improved version of the self-centering screw. The name Henry F. Phillips may not be immediately familiar but a huge portion of the people on this planet know and regularly use the invention that bares his last name. When the patents were granted in 1933, the rights were assigned “By Direct and Mesne Assignments” to Henry F. Phillips, the managing director of the Oregon Copper Company, a mining outfit in eastern Oregon. If you don't see the obituary or death record that you are looking for, use this form to search our entire database. Unfortunately, Mr. Phillips did not live quite long enough to see just how essential his refined concept would become. #1) Phillips-Head Arguably, the most common type of screw drive is Phillips head. Phillips The Phillips screw drive (specified as an ANSI Type I Cross Recess) was created by John P. Thompson, who, after failing to interest manufacturers, sold his design to businessman Henry F. Phillips. Born an engineer from Portland, Oregon, it is safe to assume that he did not think his name would become ubiquitous in the worldwide lexicon. (en) Henry F. Phillips (* 1890; † 1958) war ein US-amerikanischer Geschäftsmann aus Portland, Oregon, der dem Erfinder J.P. Thompson im Jahre 1935 das Patent für den heute allgemein als Kreuz- … The ‘ Phillips’ Head was invented by John P Thompson, who sold his self-centring design to Henry F Phillips after failing to interest other manufacturers. Phillips is the most known one (at least for its name) and it wasn't designed by the inventor of the cassette but by John P. Thompson who after some time sold it to the Phillips screw company. By 1936 the screw was available to consumers, and the first industrial customer was General Motors, which used Phillips screws to build Cadillac automobiles in 1937. The Phillips head didn’t come into existence until the 1930s, and was actually invented by John P. Thompson, who couldn’t convince any screw manufacturers the cross-shaped recess could be manufactured affordably. Invented in the 30’s by John P. Thompson (later sold to the Phillips Screw Company). There is no locally available information as to why Thompson transferred the rights to Phillips, but there may have been a relationship between Phillips and Thompson predating the issuance of the patent, and perhaps even the application for the patent. A Phillips screw offers many of … Show Answer. Producing a wooden or metal object with the intricate curvature of a screw and its conical helix was demanding to say the least. Due to Phillips efforts, the screw and the matching screwdriver were adopted by screw makers and automobile companies. The Phillips screw and driver, originally invented by Portlander John P. Thompson, dramatically increased the speed of manufacturing and made the Phillips screwdriver a … It does this by intentionally pushing the driver out of the head if the screw is under too much torque. EYE on NPI — Maxim’s Himalaya uSLIC Step-Down Power Module #EyeOnNPI @maximintegrated @digikey, New Products – Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers! Lawrence in the classic film Lawrence of Arabia famously states, “Big things have small beginnings.”, Screwdriver Patent # 2,046,840 Despite its success, many people were frustrated with the screws and wanted a screw head that wouldn’t “strip.” Most Phillips have the cam-out process corrected, but other types of heads were created for a better grip. Originally this tool was limited in usefulness due to one fundamental issue: screws were extremely difficult to produce. Search for burial locations of veterans and their family members in VA National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, various other military and Department of Interior cemeteries, and for veterans buried in private cemeteries when the grave is marked with a government grave marker. Thompson applied for the patent rights on a “Screw” (U.S. Patent 1908080) with an innovative “cruciform groove” and a matching “Screw driver” (U.S. Patent 1908081) in 1932. Henry F. Phillips bought the rights from Thompson, obtained patents on the design and searched for a manufacturer. The Original Phillips Well actually, it should have been known as the "Thompson" screw, for its inventor, but instead it became better known as the "Phillips" as in the business man Henry F. Phillips who bought the rights from John Thompson, inventor, who could not … Secure…, New Products 11/25/2020 Featuring #Adafruit #SGP40…. The Phillips screw drive is the second most common screw drive used these days, and it features a “+” shaped slot that gets deeper towards its center. But: HZ: The Phillips whose name is on the screws and screwdrivers is Henry F. Phillips of Portland, Oregon. Thom o 60wl atented May 9, 1933 UNITED STATES JOHN P. THOMPSON, OF PORTLAND, OREGON, ASSIGNOB, BY DIRECT AND IIIESNE Application filed June … Near the top of this list is a tool we use almost without thinking yet never stop to consider the quiet genius of it. Subscribe at, on John P. Thompson & the History of the ‘Phillips’ Screwdriver Patent | #history #oregon #oregonian #patents, “The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order”, Pioneers of Women’s Rights in Manhattan Walking…, One-hour Tutorials Designed for all Ages…, Total Solar Eclipse to Cast Shadow on South…, Adafruit Holiday Shipping Deadlines 2020 –…, We’re Back with our Secured Offer! Vincent Rizzo, PE Compliance Engineer, Office of Healthcare Engineering, HEFP . Stop breadboarding and soldering – start making immediately! Many of the grandest, most awe-inspiring creations in the history of man would have been futile if it was not for some of the most basic yet genius inventions. He soon persuaded E.E Clark, the president of the American Screw Company, to manufacture the screw, and in the next four years the Phillips Screw Company had obtained six additional patents modifying the design. Henry F. Phillips bought the screw design from inventor John P. Thompson, who wasn’t able to muster up any commercial interest for his screwhead. Browse the most recent Woodbridge, Virginia obituaries and condolences. He was highly successful in selling the concept to various industries and it quickly became a standardized component in thousands of different processes. Have an amazing project to share? But the truth is that the screwdriver is really named after Henry F. Phillips, the owner of the company which purchased the design from its inventor John P. Thompson. Better known as the Phillips head screw and screwdriver, Phillips’ invention improved upon the earlier efforts of Portlander John P. Thompson.General Motors converted to using the system in manufacturing in 1937, and by 1940 most screw … #Python #Adafruit #CircuitPython @micropython @ThePSF. The Phillips head screw allowed self centering of the driver, uniform torque and better automated procedure. It has a powerful processor, 10 NeoPixels, mini speaker, InfraRed receive and transmit, two buttons, a switch, 14 alligator clip pads, and lots of sensors: capacitive touch, IR proximity, temperature, light, motion and sound. Gene Thompson - Jan 29, 2020 Virginia O'Donohue Gavaghen, 83 - Jan 25, 2020 Edwin Roland Allen, 71 - Jan 22, 2020 This page shows only the 20 most recent obituaries in Herndon, Virginia.