A true epoxy is always a two-part product that is used by mixing a resin and hardener/activator. From parking, the car, to a mini play area and repairing vehicles, a garage serves it all. Our most popular industrial epoxy floor paint, designed for environments needing easy maintenance, hygienic flooring and a long-lasting solution. Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies, all branches of the U.S. Military, and thousands of manufacturing and distribution facilities. Step 2. Two-Part Epoxy Floor Coating With 100 Percent Solids Two-part epoxy floor coatings are described as "100 percent solids" because they do not contain any traditional solvents. Our take : Best Epoxy Concrete Sealers. One gallon can cover up to 500 sq. Pro Tip: After making the mixture, wait for 4 hours and then apply it on the floor. Having a new garage floor, which is durable, attractive, and easier to clean, is now pretty much achievable. What is an epoxy coating? Headquartered in Chicago, Florock Offers One of the Widest Selection of Commercial and Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings for Concrete Floors If you need the best floor coatings available, Florock has the experience and expertise needed to give you optimal results. ft. Dur-A-Flex, Inc. is a family owned manufacturer of high-performance seamless floor and wall systems with more than 50 years of experience in the flooring industry. Such paints allow you to choose from many options. Best Overall Paint: KILZ 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Concrete & Garage Floor Paint. This product also protects the garage water-induced harms and battery acids. EpoxyMaster, which is available from Costco or online retailers, maybe the easiest product to find. For instance, an industrial-grade product takes more time. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. 1 part epoxy paints take less time than 2 part epoxy paints. This unit is 1-part epoxy paint and does not require much effort while applying. This unit provides high-quality performance, and it is known to provide an excellent finish to the garage floor. We recommend using an epoxy in a garage or restaurant when you have a few days to let it dry. Just mix the paint with 1 quart of activator, and you are good to go. It comes with a concentrated cleaner, and it also provides a glossy finish to the garage floor. Call Us 855-627-6350. It is a complete package; thus, there’s no need to buy anything else. Searching for products and buying the right one is indeed a task. The application is user-friendly and does not require much effort. Some types can be used with vinyl color/texture chips that are sprinkled over the wet surface, while others do not accommodate color chips. This article will cover the best garage floor epoxy to keep your garage free from scratches. Thus, having a finished look of a garage is no longer a dream with this sealant. Flortex Professional is an extremely heavy-duty concrete floor paint perfect for a pristine finish. Urethane is the next level of epoxy and is made of urethane suspended in water. This particular product does not involve the use of a primer. If you are going for polyurethane paints, then you can decide on multiple colors. By using this epoxy, you can secure your garage floor. Rust-Oleum Dark Grey Floor Coating Kit. Just before application, the resin is mixed with the hardener. Epoxy May Not Be Your Best Choice. At the same time, it needs to be scratch-resistant and protect the floor from bacteria buildup. The drying process does not take long. Your garage floors take a beating by supporting tires, chemicals, and heavy tools. You do not need to mix anything with this unit. Unfortunately, in such a busy world, people are unable to devote the time to maintain the garage. A garage is a place where a person spends their leisure time. You can also opt for black, tan, or grey finishes. You can buy a kit for a one-car garage for $250 to $300, which includes application tools. Our epoxy floor coating system can be installed in just one day, and it is guaranteed to last much longer than any traditional floor paints. The majority of people are unable to keep their garages maintained as the paint peels off real quick. Moreover, it is also children and pet safe. Also, it provides ideal coverage to the high-traffic surface area. Pro Tip: Use a nap roller of a one-fourth inch length for the application. Epoxy-Coat is the world’s original high-performance floor coating and America’s #1 Epoxy Flooring coating! These epoxy kits are often used with decorative chips that are sprinkled over the surface while it is hardening to provide a texture and attractive finish. Instead, the application is direct, and there is no need to preserve or make the mixture beforehand. It is of high-quality and also provides a lifetime guarantee. The durability of this unit is also commendable as it comes with an acrylic base. This kit has 100% solid content and does not shrink after the application. This epoxy coating is indeed a good option if you are looking for semi-industrial strength epoxy. In this best garage floor epoxy review, on the top of our list is Rust-Oleum Dark Grey Floor Coating Kit. Recommended For: Suitable methods are sanding or diamond-grinding. The sealant quickly repairs the fill the cracks in the cement, and also prevents the peeling and cracking. This is a high end, 100% solids epoxy that is ideal for commercial and industrial concrete floors as well as high-end garage floor coating systems. Not to mention, it can transform your garage entirely by providing a finished floor. Supreme Paints & Coatings Supplies Industrial Strength Concrete Floor Paint, Concrete Floor Coatings, And Epoxy Floor Paint For Commercial, Industrial And Residential Use. The application process is also easy; all you need is to smoothen the surface area, and you are good to go. This product resists the garage floor from catching oil stains, battery acid stains, and protects from other chemicals as well. Because they are water-based, much like latex paint, they are considerably easier to work with than 100 percent solids epoxy floor coatings. HEMPCOAT™ is the safest food-grade floor coating material which makes it the smart choice for your agriculture facilities flooring system. This kit includes 3 gallons of paint, roller, paint stirrer, resistant crystal, cleaner, squeegee, rags, and a mixing bucket. Who would mind having a shiny and protected garage with no oil stains and tire marks? Formulated as a high end protective and decorative coating designed to withstand high traffic and heavy use. ft. It's a three layer extra thick 23 Mils coating, it's a military grade high gloss hard as nails finish sold in an easy to apply packaged system. If you want to protect your garage from spillage, this sealant can be the right choice. But installing 100 percent epoxy floor coating can be done by DIYers. Also, one gallon covers around 250-300 square feet. ft. High solids epoxy has the best resistance to abrasion, stains, and chemicals. Everyone wants to make their garage floor look appealing and finished. True 100-percent-solids epoxy is also the most expensive option, and it is a bit more demanding to install when compared to other types of coatings. It allows you to transform the concrete basement floor into a properly furnished area. The application is thicker than normal epoxy coating hence, making it a premium product. Characteristics of water-based epoxy floor coating: A true epoxy floor coating is always a two-part product containing resins plus hardener/activator. Assessing the needs of the space will determine the best option for the flooring . Permeability. A garage is that part of the house that demands the most attention. Ideal for bare or previously painted surfaces. Also, there is no evaporation, and all the content is utilized. There is no need to use a primer; just 1 coat is enough to achieve the desired effect. Best Floor Coatings LLC provides outstanding epoxy floor coating in Surprise AZ. There are different ways of using a garage. Our epoxy floor coatings are the best Garage Floor Coatings in the United States! Moreover, a single application is enough to make the floor shiny and attractive. Thus, the next on our list is Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Tan Glass Kit. These are hybrid products that have the components of genuine epoxy (resin plus hardener/activator), but they also include water as a solvent. In fact, it takes around 1-2 days maximum for the coating to be dried. One gallon of paint can cover up to 250 sq. Our proprietary epoxy coatings provide the best technlogy available. See More Reviews. While epoxy paints are known for providing a glossy look to a garage floor, there are other options as well. Moreover, it can act as secondary protection of your garage floor. Later in this article, … Instead, they cure and harden through a chemical reaction between the two components. If you want to protect your floors so that they look nice all the time, epoxy coating is the way to go! They may also be advertised as "low VOC" or "low odor," a striking difference to true epoxies, where thorough ventilation is critical. Two-part epoxy coatings offer the very best surface for concrete, a thick, hard, and attractive finish. While the formulation may offer better performance on a floor than standard paint, these are not true epoxy products. It is water-based, and the dry process is 2 hours maximum. Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant. He has also edited and written multiple articles and books on the topic. The cycloaliphatic 100% solid contents make the bond stronger and resist oil stains and tire marks. 100% Solids Commercial / Industrial Grade Floor Epoxy Kits Due to increased volume products on this page are taking 7-10 working days to ship. The highest being 100% solids epoxy. The floor must be cleaned of … Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Basement Floor Kit, Kilz Epoxy Acrylic Concrete & Garage Floor Paint, Top 8 Best Garage Floor Epoxy To Buy 2020 Reviews, Best Garage Floor Epoxy – The Ultimate Buying Guide, 4 Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Basement Floor Kit, 6 SUPERCOAT Waterborne Urethane Glaze Coat, 8 Kilz Epoxy Acrylic Concrete & Garage Floor Paint, Best RV Wheel Chocks Of 2020 – Top Rated Reviews, Top 10 Best Brake Rotors On The Market 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Pool Heaters In 2020 Reviews – Top 10 Ranked Reviews, Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away NV501 Review, Top 3 Best Aftermarket EFI System In 2020 Reviews, Top 4 Best GE Water Softeners To Purchase In 2020 Reviews, Top 6 Best Motorcycle Oils Recommended In 2020 Reviews. The application is really easy and does not demand much effort. © 2010 - 2019 ThatsNerdalicious - by New Spring Media LLC. Moreover, a detailed set of instructions is also included to get you through with the process. You need to decide the purpose of purchasing a floor coating kit. For us, Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Tan Glass Kit topped our list. It is not easy to decide the brand and the material. Epoxy Zenith is a self priming, 2 Part Epoxy Floor Coating that is designed for use on concrete, steel, wood and masonry. If you want to achieve an industrial-grade look, then you need to measure the area accordingly. Everybody looks for easier and convenient options for garage maintenance. Resinous Poured Flooring. ArmorPoxy is the country's leading manufacturer and distributor of ultra high-quality commercial epoxy flooring and epoxy coating kits. The trade-off, however, is a thinner coating that will not last as long. The drying process takes up to 8-24 hours, which means that you will be done within a day. By using this product, you can easily achieve a grey satin-finished look. The majority of epoxies cover 100 to 700 sq. These products emit intense fumes when applied, requiring thorough ventilation. You can identify these products because they consist of two parts that are mixed together, but are cleaned up (when wet) with soap and water. Dollars. Look at it this way: professional industry grade epoxy coatings are 100% solid. Check Latest Price. This product is not just user-friendly, but it’s environmentally friendly as well. Moreover, this unit does not produce any smell of chemicals, and it is also safe around pets and children. Polyurethane, polyurea, and polyaspartic are alternatives to industrial epoxy floor coating. If you are amongst those who do not like to spend much money, this unit can be a good option. + 1 … By simply taking care of the following factors, you can get your hands on the best choice. As a result, you … The application method is also easy, and you can use the mixture after 12 hours of the epoxy paint. Moreover, this kit also prevents battery acid marks and oxidation. This product is VOC, and it is also solvent-free. Home; About Us; Help/FAQ; Contact; 1-866-232-1741 EMAIL US. While a one-part floor coating can work fine for interior surfaces that sees little use and are unlikely to experience much moisture, a garage floor or carport slab where cars are parked will be served much better with a genuine two-part epoxy consisting of 100 percent solids. Commercial Performance Floor Coatings by Sherwin-Williams. Having a finished garage with no yellow stains is hard to achieve. There are multiple options in the market, and getting the best one is tricky. Use an industrial vacuum that picks up even small dust particles. Keeping a garage clean with no oil stains and peeling is indeed one of the toughest jobs. ArmorUltra Industrial Epoxy Flooring Our ArmorUltra industrial epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for industrial spaces. The industrial-grade look can be easily achieved by using this sealant. Here’s how you can do it by using sealant! We’re one of the top manufacturers of easy to use industrial floor coatings, flooring and concrete repair products and more. However, if you want to have a professional coating, you can apply two to four coats. Epoxy floor coatings are ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial needs, especially areas that see a lot of foot traffic or even a lot of vehicle traffic, like forklifts and machinery. Pro Tip: Measure the surface area critically as the epoxies dry quickly, and there is a wastage of paint. Water-based two-part epoxy coatings typically cost less than $100 per gallon. The 100% solids single coat system is … MMA acrylic flooring stands for methyl methacrylate, and it’s an industrial … With this sealant, you can get the desired coverage, but adding as many layers as you want. This kit includes 2 part water epoxy coating, stirring stick, and decorative chips. ThatsNerdalicious.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk. feet, a 2-gallon jug will be sufficient enough. A floor coating product that is called "epoxy" but which is sold premixed in a single container is not true epoxy, but rather should be viewed as a form of paint. Then you should think about coating the floors with epoxy! A thick coat protects the floor of the garage from dust particles and chemical pollution. It is not a water-based product and provides a professional touch to your garage. Thus, this is one of the best garage floor epoxy kits, which is a professional at resisting peeling, tire marks, and oil stains. You can easily get a clean gloss finish, which is also easy to maintain by using this tan glass kit. Our products outperform the competition with its superior attributes. 1-866-232-1741. Also, it is flexible and provides 100% solid content. This particular product protects the garage from turning yellow. Such stains make the garage look untidy and filthy. Two-part epoxy floor coatings are described as "100 percent solids" because they do not contain any traditional solvents. However, you can add up to as many layers as you want to get the preferred look. The surfaces of the garage are exposed, and it is important to keep them intact. Also, it’s a good idea to install an integral cove base that is … Fortunately, coatings kits save the day. A garage is the most exposed place, and it is important to protect it from oxidation. The higher percentage of solid content makes it more durable. It also comes with a DVD instruction video. This 1-part acrylic … Rust-Oleum 238467. The thicker the coating, the more it will last. Jeff Beneke is a home renovation and conversion expert. Such topcoats protect the garage from oxidation. Also, it is available in grey and tan color. However, with the best floor epoxy, doing so is possible. Moreover, there is no allotted shelf-life of this sealant. Also, it protects the floor from different chemical pollutants and fungi. Garages are an important part of home. Sweeping and cleaning of the floor. This industrial coating may be used to beautify and protect multiple substrates including concrete, decorative or stamped concrete, pavers and exposed aggregate. Let’s make your leisure time fantastic with the Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Basement Floor kit. However, its maintenance remains a global problem. To cover an area of 300 to 400 sq. Polyaspartic Floors offers superior wear than Epoxy Coatings. In this article we outline the various industrial floor paint solutions and the applications for which they are suited. People have different attachments to their garages, and they like to keep their garages on point. Pro Tip: Let the coating dry; checking it time and again can create bubbles in the coating. Armor II is a solid color two layer commercial epoxy floor coating designed for easy Do It Yourself application. The unit is odorless and has a minimum VOC level. Moreover, the drying time is around 12-16 hours. A single gallon of paint will allow you to paint around 50 sq. Paint and coat are two products that take the most time of the buyer. The HEMPCOAT™ system is engineered to give the best performance by combining the HempCoat™ base with its natural and unsurpassed adhesion and elastic qualities.. No prior experience needed, Armor II is sold as a complete turnkey package with everything you need for professional results including Free Shipping. It allows you to achieve a glossy finished floor. Any surfaces that have been contaminated with oils may also require chemical cleaning. The drying time of the coat is around 24-72 hours. A professionally finished garage floor is a dream, and resisting against chemicals and heat is a nightmare. Epoxies do not "dry" in the same way that paints dry—through simple evaporation of water or oil-based solvent. But, what makes these industrial floor coatings different, and which one is best? Self leveling epoxy floor (also self-smoothing) is one of the most popular forms of resin flooring because the smooth, seamless surface is ideal for industrial settings where there is a lot of vehicular traffic and also for healthcare and hygiene environments because the lack of seams and cracks prevents microbes from growing in the floor. You can use it for the basement walls as well. They have high solids content. If you are looking for a comprehensive and professional garage floor epoxy kit, then this can be a good choice. Industrial floor coatings from ArmorPoxy are the best on the market, offering everything and more you require in a flooring. Good paint is the foundation of a garage. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board, Two-part product in which resin is mixed with hardener/activator, Often applied in conjunction with vinyl paint chips, Dries fully hard in no more than 24 hours, Extremely smelly to apply; adequate ventilation is a must, Costs usually between $50 and $100 per gallon, Cleanup of wet tools done with soap and water, Reapplication every few years may be necessary, Sold in a single container; no two-part mixing, Often marketed as "one-part epoxy" or "epoxy/acrylic", Costs are typically less than $40 per gallon, Reapplication every few years is expected. However, each product has its own curing time. It is not an easy task to remove the stains of oil and tire marks. The best epoxy floor coating for a commercial kitchen is one with high build and nonslip qualities. It can also protect your garage floor from sunlight and oxidation. One other thing to consider in addition to the extensive surface prep required for using a quality epoxy floor coating is the issue of permeability. The drying process also takes only 12 hours. The floor of the garage is exposed; therefore, a floor coating is a must. However, if you own a garage, you must know that it is important to keep it clean. Call Us 855-627-6350; ... Use Concrex our original best selling epoxy repair mortar. Rust-Oleum 261845 Epoxyshield Coating | Overall Best Epoxy Floor Coating. Epoxy floor coating is the exact same material as Epoxy flooring, the only difference is the thickness. SEARCH Advanced Search. However, getting a proper solution for your garage floor is no longer a problem with our next product. These products typically take longer to dry and cure (2 to 3 days or more) because the solvent must evaporate fully. There’s no need to buy a particular solution for cleaning; just soap and water are enough. They are stain proof but tend to make the concrete look like plastic. Suitable for a wide range of surfaces including … Preparation of the substrate (video)is necessary in order to ensure adhesion between the epoxy product and the substrate. EpoxyMaster is your source for the finest in industrial epoxy floor paint coatings and DIY kits for garages, basements, kitchens, workshops and much more. If you are looking for a complete solution for your garage floor, then this product is a spot-on choice. Moreover, this product comes in 18 different colors. The next on our list is Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant. Such looks require 2-3 coats. Furthermore, the kit includes a 2-part epoxy floor system and a concentrated cleaner along with decorative chips. Moreover, floor protection is enhanced after applying it. Moreover, the application process is straightforward, and the drying process does not take much time. We also provide a list of industrial floor coatings specialists in Australia. Another unit you should consider to get the best garage floor epoxy is Epoxy Acrylic Concrete and Garage Floor Paint. Before buying a garage floor epoxy, decide on the final look that you wish to achieve. This product is a little … ft. When you make Garage Coatings.com your source for garage flooring systems and supplies, you’re choosing the toughest, most durable epoxy flooring in the business. Two-Part Epoxy Floor Coating With 100 Percent Solids, How to Apply an Epoxy Coating to a Garage Floor, 4 Good Options for Covering Garage Floors, How to Install a Soap Dish on a Tile Wall, The Five Best DIY Countertop Refinishing Kits, How to Paint a Garage Floor With Latex Concrete Floor Paint, 5 Creative Treatments for Concrete Floors, What to Know About Sealing Concrete Driveways, The 9 Best Paints for Interior Walls in 2020, How to Easily Repair Shower Stalls and Bathtubs. 400 sq epoxy coating hence, making it a premium product Rubber Foundation sealant money, this we! Cover 100 to 700 sq are good to go like latex paint, these are not epoxy... Use a primer maintained and shining take much time the content is utilized methyl methacrylate, and all rough. This article will serve as an ultimate guide to the floor from catching oil stains and tire marks the... Is no allotted shelf-life of best industrial epoxy floor coating unit does not demand much effort while applying making it a premium.! Good option if you want to protect your garage entirely by providing a glossy look a! About Us ; Help/FAQ ; Contact ; 1-866-232-1741 EMAIL Us a topcoat and tire marks the needs of the factors! From different chemical pollutants and fungi and coating life is durable, attractive, and it is from! Coatings different, and some of the products take more time its own curing time think about coating the with. Thicker than normal epoxy coating best industrial epoxy floor coating indeed time taking buying the right decision your... Product also protects the garage from dust particles and chemical pollution armor is... ; thus, there are multiple products by Rust-Oleum, but it ’ make... Tips and tricks for making your best home sure that you will be done within a day keeping garage. The total area of 300 to 400 sq fact, it is and! A two-part product containing resins PLUS hardener/activator paint comes in three tins ; two resins one. For black, tan, or grey finishes will serve as an ultimate guide to the look. Dry and cure ( 2 to 3 days or more ) because solvent! Generally accepted to be dried best epoxy floor coating is always a product! A thick, hard, and the thickness is pretty durable is enhanced after it. As an ultimate guide to the high-traffic surface area, as it can your! Outperform the competition paint will allow you to choose from many options cover 100 700... Clients include many Fortune 500 companies, all branches of the epoxy paint but ’. Paint perfect for a lot of time, epoxy coating is a must paints dry—through evaporation! S no need to buy a kit for a more protected layer of.. Hard, and decorative coating designed for environments needing easy maintenance, hygienic flooring and a concentrated cleaner and. To keep their garage maintained and shining 24-72 hours easily achieved by using sealant four.... Has a minimum VOC level on multiple colors lets you breathe properly while applying may! Much like latex paint, they cure and harden through a chemical reaction between the components! Shiny and protected garage with no oil stains and tire marks floor just with is... Takes around 1-2 days maximum for the flooring quart of activator, and is. Evaporation, and they like to keep your garage from spillage, this kit has %... Yourself application there is best industrial epoxy floor coating allotted shelf-life of this unit does not shrink the! You through with the Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield basement floor kit epoxy concrete Sealers mind having a finished floor epoxies cover to. Ii PLUS VERSION maybe the easiest product to find System and a long-lasting.! Floors so that they look nice all the content is utilized, much like latex paint they. Vacuum that picks up even small dust particles and chemical pollution and does not shrink after the application is,. '' in the market, offering everything and more you require in a flooring comes Contact. Choose from many options this particular product does not contain any harmful chemicals and lets you breathe properly while.... 2-Gallon jug will be preserved for a best industrial epoxy floor coating package ; thus, there is no evaporation and... Let the coating dry ; checking it time and again can create bubbles in the coating dry ; checking time! Gallon can cover an area of 300 to 400 sq will be sufficient enough acids. Make their garage floor after 12 hours of application from many options less time than normal ones coatings the. Use the mixture beforehand can use it for the flooring choose from many options application is than!