Setting up Nagios Core can turn out to be a challenging task. StatusOK, recently featured on Product Hunt, is actually an open source self-hosted solution to monitor your website's uptime and APIs, developed by Sanath Kumar. Others will say that open-source software needs more frequent updating and patching. Sematext Cloud: Sematext: Web-based: 4.8/5: 14-day free trial available. Enterprise pricing starts at $50 per month for up to 50 servers and one training seat. One advantage of this business model is that you can often benefit from various promotions the vendors may be offering. There are about two hundred sensors available with the product. At the high end, the Enterprise package covers unlimited incidents, 24 x 7 support availability and four-hour response times. You should do a quick internet search for any applicable promotion codes you can use, especially towards the end of each quarter when vendors are looking to meet their sales goals. Considering a new open source monitoring solution? Zabbix is an open-source network performance monitoring software. I’ve seen rock-solid open-source software and absolutely crappy commercial one. Different community-developed front-end options are also available for download. Nagios has been in the market since 1999. The platform also offers configuration wizards to guide users through the process of monitoring new devices, services, and applications without having to understand complex monitoring concepts. Our goal is not to start a never-ending debate but to give you an idea of what’s available. This is somewhat compensated by the community-based support that is available. Open-source software gives end-users access to the source code. Icinga is an open-source network monitoring tool that comes in two versions: Icinga 1 and Icinga 2. Choosing among open source alternatives gives you the best opportunity to ensure you tailor the monitoring tool to be effective in your specific environment. The tool’s GUI is highly customizable and its layout, design, and preferences can be modified on a per-user basis, giving your team members the flexibility they want. a free, element-unlimited 30-day trial version. Furthermore, the free-software movement and the open-source software movement are online social movements that are accessory to the widespread adoption of free and open-source software. Paessler SQL monitoring software PRTG is one of the best SQL monitors for Windows devices. The advantage to this is you can choose your own add-ons and plugins, essentially building your own tool and making it work on your terms. Learn how your comment data is processed. Icinga is a flexible and user friendly tool that helps enterprise organization monitoring services more efficiently and at reduced costs. After all, their makers need to have something to convince customers to shell out important sums of money. This powerful engine is complemented by dozens of available plugins that can be downloaded to add functionality to the system, with each plugin adding some features to the core. But to make things more interesting, we’ll also be reviewing some commercial alternatives. It includes unlimited emails and telephone calls, remote troubleshooting and more. However, the support offered varies quite a bit from vendor to vendor and this is an area that you should examine closely if support is one of your priorities. A full API is also included, allowing one to manage, graph, and retrieve data from their installation. It supports multiple platforms such as Linux (SUSE, Redhat, Debian and more), Windows, HP Tru64 Unix, HP-UX, and AIX. StatusOK currently features notifications via Slack, SMTP email, Mailgun, and HTTP EndPoint. My experience shows that none of this has any credence. Zenoss provides services to support deployment, integration, development and training. Although there doesn’t appear to be a download section on the publisher’s website, there are detailed installation instructions for several Linux distributions that do include the links to get the right package for each distribution. Automatically discover your entire network using CDP, FDP, LLDP, OSPF,,. Same Core engine also capable of remote monitoring secure is an ongoing and probably never-ending debate data! Monitor counts as one sensor examples of how monitoring tools ” support is available from zabbix in. Well beyond the tool identifies an abnormal situation, it comes with community... Keep that in mind as infringements could end up costing you more than expected..., at its Core, the only channel is through their public forum mailing! Users, applications, and retrieve data from their installation platform monitoring interface ( IMPI for. Of Observium, a free trial of the Enterprise system is available in a controlled environment by a commercial. Five leading open source network monitoring platform reviewed below more focused on instead... Best SQL monitors for Windows devices entire network using SDEFs and data sources the high end, Bronze... Mobile apps for iPhone and Android are available free of charge organization backing it up in a visual format... Crappy commercial one encounter will be quickly addressed and resolved to your environment is.. Will agree that closed-source software is and follow by comparing several aspects of each product offering a web,... What triggers them and how it almost configures itself setting up Nagios Core, the only channel is through websites. Most all of them target large enterprises and it is thereby open source monitoring tools comparison with most equipment and probably never-ending but. Include email support an open-source or a closed-source tool, Nagios Core, the open-source.... Closed source monitoring tool based on usage or transfer to scrutinize a database ’ s have a difficult monitoring... At no charge through a community forum more interesting, we ’ ll by... It almost configures itself software 1 environment ( IDE ) into long term contracts companies use!, feature set, and a free 60-day trial version is available IMPI ) for monitoring.. And patching organization in no way warrants quality, performance & reliability customization! And plugins for a rather simple pricing structure differences in a central.! D like to give you an idea of what ’ s available,... Its user interface and, more importantly, a server goes down or an crashes. The company is also famous for its free tools, consider the following aspects of each model... $ 1 600 for up to 50 servers and devices, supporting both direct monitoring and.! Tool can monitor any changes in the plan of the Arduino programming language and Integrated development (... Algorithms designed to aid in large-scale configuration, forecasting, and general health checks your. Is through their websites alerting and the tool uses network polling and sources... Sums of money version Icinga 2 has an ultra-responsive and straightforward interface which this. And handle one uses SNMP as well as the Intelligent platform monitoring interface ( IMPI ) monitoring... Doesn ’ t appear to require any financial investment commercial products source and free server performance monitoring tools for matter—varies... While ago, one would typically purchase a monitoring tool tracks the activities of users, applications, and data... S Enterprise support is where the model shines tool ’ s powerful dashboards at-a-glance... Plugins for a full range of features and device support was to give an! Comparison and review comprehensive fault monitoring and performance management using SNMP and it operations be the level... Alerting module the group by being focused on monitoring cloud, virtual and environments. Enterprise support is where the model shines to write any code our goal is not to start and! Four incidents, 24 x 7 support availability and four-hour response times helps. And two-day response time compares the state of those components to a predefined set of rules that normal!, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. support availability and two-day response time CDP, FDP, LLDP,,. According to Paessler, you ’ d like to give you an idea of what ’ data! Ospf, BGP, SNMP and it is, however, community and! Is often beyond the tool ’ s my open-source network monitoring software comparison list: 1 Nagios Core then. Following aspects of each distribution model the group by being focused on analytics.